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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: Bojan Nikolic
  • Created: 2009-07-23
  • Updated: 2009-07-23
From version 3.3.8b of NextGrid (April 2007), NxHeaderPanel and NxFlipPanel component from Next Collection package can be Microsoft(tm) Windows(tm) Vista(tm) styled.

In this tutorial we will use following components from Next Collection tab:

1. NxLinkLabel
2. NxHeaderPanel
3. NxFlipPanel

We will build left Eplorer menu with using this components.

1. NxHeaderPanel

NxHeaderPanel component having new value in HeaderStyle property: psVista.

With setting HeaderStyle to this value, we will get next results:

Header section of component will be displayed in "glass" style.

NxHeaderPanel also introduce new property Picture.

This property is similar to Picture property in TImage from Delphi and specify background image of NxHeaderPanel:

Place one TNxHeaderPanel on form and set Picture property to some background image. There are many similar free images to this one on internet.

2. NxFlipPanel

NxFlipPanel also introduce new value in HeaderStyle property: hsVista. This new style is quite interesting because is semi-transparent:

When NxFlipPanel with hsVista (or hsTransparent) HeaderStyle is placed inside Form or other component, it will display Parent's background. In our case we will drop NxFlipPanel inside NxFlipHeader and get nice glass effect.

NxFlipPanel also have transparent mode for Background. This may be done with setting property BackgroundStyle to bsTransparent.

Now other components may be placed inside panel such as NxLinkLabel or any other.

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