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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: Bojan Nikolic
  • Created: 2008-05-05
  • Updated: 2008-06-01
We will here describe items and their properties which are not common for all items.


PasswordChar - Specify password char (TChar) when user editing item.


EditOptions - Specify editing options by setting flags to True or False.

Table 1: EditOptions flags
Name Meaning
eoAllowAll Any character may be typed including letters. Example: a3o5f
eoAllowFloat Float numbers may be typed. Example: 1.35, 5.1, 0.5
eoAllowSigns Negative numbers may be typed. Also and sign " " at start of number. Example: -5, 5
eoDisablePaste Disable paste command
eoDisableTyping Disable typing any chars

Increment - Specify for how much number will be increased or decreased after pressing on spin buttons.

Max - Specify maximum number that may be entered in item by typing or via spin buttons.

Min - Specify minimum number that may be entered in item by typing or via spin buttons.

If both Max and Min properties are set to 0 any number may be entered.

FormatMask - Specify formating rules that will be used when displaying item. More about this formating rules in Numeric Format Mask article.

SpinButtons - Shows/Hide spin buttons while item is in edit mode.


TNxCheckboxItem is TNxToolbarItem descendant and properties such as ShowText are presented in every TNxToolbarItem descendant.

Alignment - Specify alignment of checkbox and text:

ShowText - Show/Hide text beside checkbox.

FalseText - Specify text which will be shown when checkbox is unchecked.

TrueText - Specify text which will be shown when checkbox is checked.

This properties only have effect when property TextKind is set to tkCustom and ShowText property to True

FlatStyle - When set to True, checkbox will have "flat-style" enabled effect.

Style - Specify check box style.

Name Screenshot

TextKind - Specify kind of text which is displayed if ShowText property is set.

Name Meaning
tkTrueFalse "True" and "False" strings
tkYesNo "Yes" and "No" strings
tkEnabledDisabled "Enabled" and "Disabled" strings
tkCustom Values from FalseText and TrueText properties


DropDownCount - Specifies the maximum number of items displayed in the drop-down list.

ItemIndex - Indicates which item in the drop-down list is selected.

Lines - Lists the items (strings) in the list portion of the combo box.

Style - Spicifies style of combo-box:

Name Meaning
cbDropDown Text may be typed and item may be selected with mouse or keyboard
cbDropDownList Item may be only selected with mouse or keyboard


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