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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: Bojan Nikolic
  • Created: 2008-07-26
  • Updated: 2008-07-26

1. Introducing

NextDBInspector is version of NextInspector extended with DB support. Work with NextDBInspector is completely same as with NextInspector except:

1. New property DataSource
2. FieldName property for each Item

Work with NextDBInspector is very similar to any DB component. You need to set DataSource property to some TDataSource component on Form. As usual, DataSource need to be connected to some DataSet (TTable, TQuery, TADOTable...)

2. Set FieldName property for Item

After NextDBInspector is connected to DataSource, we can start with adding and customizing our Items.

In NextDBInspector each Item have FieldName property. This property point to TField inside TDataSet with this name. After DataSet is activated, Item will display content of this Field.

As can be seen in Image, some Items may have empty FieldName property and this Items will act as normal Items in normal NextInspector (you can set MapProperty, set Value property by yourself...).

3. Conclusion

Work with DB-Aware version of NextInspector is same as work in "normal" version of this component. You can chose Items you want to connect with DataBase and which Items not. TNextDBInspector is descendant of TNextInspector and any new feature in TNextInspector will be automaticaly added to DB version of component.

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2009-03-12 00:54:23

In my NextDBInspector I have item :
with property Lines contains 2 strings

Style csDropDownList

When I select Male, I want value 0 to be saved in my table
When I select Female, I want value 1 to be saved in my table

how can I do that...
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