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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: Bojan Nikolic
  • Created: 2008-07-24
  • Updated: 2008-07-24

Vista Style Guidelines for NextGrid

In this tutorial we will explain how to have upcoming Microsoft(tm) Windows(tm) Vista(tm) styled Grids in your applications.

New Windows(tm) Vista(tm) style of Grid introduce new design guidelines:

1. Vertical 3D (Beveled) grid lines
2. New Header Style with Sort Indicator centered inside Header.
3. Slightly larger font size than before
4. Grayed Cells, except Cells inside Sorted Column.
5. Grayed text inside Cells

Step by Step

1. Place NextGrid component on Form and change Color to $00F0F0F0 (very light gray)

2. Set HeaderStyle property to hsVista, and SortedStyle to soWhite

First property will change appearance of Column Headers.

Second property will ensure that sorted column will be painted in White color. This will give very nice effect where sorted column will look like to be on lower plane than other columns:

3. Set Font.Name property of NextGrid1 to "Lucida Sans Unicode" or "Arial", and set Font.Size property of NextGrid1 to 9.

With this Font settings, our Grid Headers will look like:

4. Set flag ao3DGridLines in AppearanceOptions property of Grid to True.

This will turn ON 3D Grid Lines in Grid:

Now we will turn on only vertical grid lines with setting GridLinesStyle to lsVerticalOnly

5. Now we will add some Columns, and set Color to be same as Color of Grid: $00F0F0F0

Also, we will set same Font for Column as for Grid, but Font Color will be a little bit lighter:

Our tutorial is completed. Now we need to add some rows and data.

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