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NextGrid Slide Style Tutorial

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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: Bojan Nikolic
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  • Updated: 2010-12-30
Next Grid can represent data in 2 global Visual Styles Report and Slides

This 2 styles share Columns Settings, Rows and Cells, and Style can be changed at any time with one property: GridStyle

To change style to Slides, set GridStyle property to gsSlides.

Working with Slides is almost same as working with Report. Style can be switched any time and both styles share all data.

Each Slide represent one row, same as in Report Style, but in Slide rows, Cell can be postitioned at any position in row.

Size of each Slide is determined by SlideSize property. SlideSize is usualy set to Value larger than 50.

Position and size cell within slide is specified by SlideBounds property of Column.

In this example we will move cell to Position: X: 120, Y: 20 and cell will have size 120 x 16.

NextGrid also include integrated Design-time Slides Editor which may be picked after right click on component.

After editor is open, work with them is very similar to work with Form Designed from Delphi/CBuilder IDE. Cell may be moved within slide, resized and configured as usuall in ObjectInspector.

Important properties to know are SlideCaption and SlideCaptionLocation. With this 2 properties every cell may have additional caption attached on one of the sides. This "captions" are visible with designer too.

Additional adjustments

SlideSelectionColor property determine color of border around selected slide. Selection of cells may be turned off by setting flag soHideSelection in SlideOptions property.

SlidesOptions property provide access to next flags:

Slide Options flags
Name Meaning
soFrame When True, frame will be drawn around selected slide.
soHideSelection When True, selected frame will be drawn if focused into SlideSelectionColor Color, otherwise in clBtnFace color.


Version 5.3 introduce a SlideAnchors property for column which give a control of slide resizing.

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Excellent tutorial, thanks
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